Logo Development

It all began when I started work on a new website for Megan Dent, a Professional Makeup Artist in Brisbane. She had a logo already but it was blue and she had always wanted her site to be pink. On top of this, some time had passed since she had her original logo developed and… well… things had changed. She had a different clientele, a different salon, a different business image.

The process began simply enough and Megan had plenty of ideas. We were both really excited about creating some new branding for the business. I’ve lost count of how many logos we mocked up but there were at least three different styles we played with. Megan is a great client because she’s very straightforward and honest about what she likes and doesn’t like so culling options was extremely easy!

The thing was neither of us felt like we were getting anywhere… I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t put my finger on the right branding for her and she was feeling disappointed and overwhelmed. She was ready to revert to the original logo. We put the project down for a while and just let it sit. I decided to try something new that had nothing to do with the brief (except for the colour-scheme). In the space of a day I put together about 6 ideas for her to consider.

Turns out, one of them worked!

This project took longer than it might normally because it was something that just emerged out of something else. Megan had no intention of redesigning her logo right then, she just wanted a website. As a result, it followed a purely creative process which involved a lot of collaboration, a lot of ‘playing around’ and a lot of talking it through before anyone had had a chance to think about it.

Branding that reflects your personality or the personality of your organisation creates a powerful framework for all your marketing. A brand isn’t a logo, it’s a statement about everything you are and everything you represent. Taking the time to get it right is well worth it in the end.

Here’s the finished product

Megan Dent