The Super Simple Digital Sales System

A clearly defined sales process that leads prospects from interest to action is essential if you want to sell your products or services on line or simply use your site to generate good quality leads for your sales team.

Starting with the hot buttons that would inspire someone to come looking for you – the problems you solve or the ways you make life better – you can use this simple system to develop your own lead generation process.

How to create your sales systems

With this system, you can build a general campaign (a catch-all for anyone new to your site), as well as any number highly targeted campaigns (targeted to specific problems and solutions and promoted with adwords). For example, a business consultant may have 3 key reasons people seek them out…

1. To increase profitability

2. To improve business performance; and

3. To expand their business

The business consultant could create 3 targeted campaigns, each specifically addressing these needs and each with their own landing pages. The more targeted and specific you get, the better your results will generally be. He might even choose to split these 3 main drivers into 6 – with a different set of materials for small-medium sized firms and large firms. Why? Because he can get a lot more specific and speak more directly to the different issues they are facing and the different factors involved in their operation. Just remember, the more specific, the better.

Here’s what the whole sales system looks like.

super simple digital sale system

The sales system components

So let’s take a look at each of the components.

  • Targeted landing pages explain how you can provide immediate solutions to specific problems and take the prospect to the next step which is to collect their email address (lead) in return for an Info Kit (or it could be a whitepaper or something else of value);
  • An Information Kit that is available to download, view online as a presentation or email to prospects, would provide an easy-to-follow but comprehensive overview of how you solve problems, improve lives and achieve outcomes. Its purpose is to take the lead through enough detail to allow them to make a decision and answer their questions but also to allow them to skip the content they’re not interested in and drill into the parts they are without forcing everyone through the same process. The Info kit then asks for the sale and takes the lead back to the site to continue;
  • A sales page reinforces the decision to buy and guides the client to complete the purchase… “Let’s get started”. This page would be reasonably short and sweet and would always sit immediately before the actual purchase;
  • A series of autoresponders work to keep (still-not-convinced) leads warm and continue to provide them  with provocative examples of how you can help (each time asking for the sale.) A series of autoresponder emails spread over 3 months works well as a basis. From there you can keep adding and tweaking to ensure you stay in touch with the most relevant and motivating message at exactly the right time intervals.

And there you have it! The most basic automated sales system you can use to generate leads and sales on your site.

Keys to making it work

There are a couple of very important keys to making your sales system work…

The right topics / hot buttons

Even with the most sizzling copywriting, you’re simply not going to get much traction if you don’t nail the key things you can solve or change for people. But with the right hooks and a great ad (or two), you can focus on the next critical point…

The right strategy

If you believe you have the content and the system right but you’re not getting good results, there could be a problem with your sales or marketing strategy. Perhaps your product and audience aren’t aligned, perhaps you’re not promoting the right thing… even your business model could be flawed. If you think this could be the case (or indeed your business could be performing better), I’d suggest you stop spending money on marketing and talk to a specialist marketing strategist. A good place to start is Billion Dollar Sales Machine, an organisation that was founded by my own marketing mentor and good friend Peter Spann. You’ll find loads of resources there and they can help you in a number of ways from online training through to one on one coaching – even with Peter himself which I would highly recommend – no one, but no one, understands marketing strategy like this man!

Great Copywriting

Once you have people interested in your solution for something that drives them to despair, or in your promise to give them something they really, really want… your landing page needs to make them salivate and start reaching for their wallet. Good copy is designed to do just that. Unless you have absolutely no competitors (and this is almost never the case), you’re going to need to sell your widget and yourself with well crafted copy. Spend a LOT of time on this and don’t be afraid to keep tweaking it all the time. Or, if you just don’t have the time, drop us a note and we can help you out.

Following a structure like this helps to ensure all your marketing efforts fit into a clearly defined sales pipeline. From there you can test, measure and tweak until you’re able to know precisely how many leads your campaign will deliver every time you run it. Wouldn’t that be awesome!? 🙂